Wednesday, 29 June 2011

From Upland to Coastal: Living the Adventurous Life

There’s something in the City of Tagum that had remained so foreign to me. Not until recently when I woke up on a sun-kissed morning. I was smiling because I know that day will be a day full of adventure and adrenaline rush. When Sir Edwin Lasquite informed us that the great Jojie Alcantara is coming to town for a shoot, I dropped all scheduled plans just to rub elbows with the famed travel photojournalist and of course, to conquer and see for myself Tagum City’s hidden gems.

Turned out it’s a day full of adventure and we’re indeed living the adventurous life. We kicked off our day with a visit to the Barangay New Balamban where the series of home makeovers are being held courtesy of Tagum City Mayor Rey T. Uy’s Lingap Pinuy-anan Shelter Assistance Program. It’s my first time to set foot in the said barangay and I must say that the rural feel is so alive in the said area.

Next stop is the Eco Park which is located in the sprawling 50-hectare site in Barangay San Agustin. From the so-called summit, one could be one with nature by seeing the wide array of green trees. From atop, savor the sweet zephyr and experience the wonders of nature. The once rebel-infested site will be considered home to at least 2000 different species of trees coming from different parts of the world thereby projecting a city breathing in vibrant air. The park will be fully-developed come year 2020.

12 kilometers south of San Agustin’s Eco Park awaits our next adventure. For the second time, I was able to traverse in the mighty Tancuan Creek where many picturesque scenes thrive. For one hour and 30 minutes, my eyes were treated to a new world: century-old and newly-planted mangrove trees, kids swimming in its riverside, fish cages sprouting aplenty and fishing folks enjoying the bounty of the creek. One can say that the place is indeed bleeding with so much allure one would always want to go back. This is one side of the city needs to be seen by each adventurous Tagumeño who always want to be one with nature. 

Along the coastal area of Barangay Madaum, just inside Banana Beach, awaits a very breathtaking experience. For people with adventure-loving personalities, the amenities offered by the world’s only beach resort inside a banana plantation should be experienced. One could truly be amazed by the towering old trees, the roaming monkeys, monitor lizards, different species of birds and wild boars. Walk your way through the forest through the resort’s 2-kilometer canopy walk which is 15 meters from the ground.

I wish everybody could experience the kind of experience I had on that Saturday and wake up on a sun-kissed morning getting jitters and excitement of experiencing an adventure that is Tagumeño style. Truly, one needs not to go to other places beyond our borders because adventures, just like anywhere in the world, is best enjoyed at home.


  1. It's great to have a brilliant writer chronicle Tagum city. For sure, evry post will be a delight to the senses. Keep on writing 'bout our hometown Loiue.

  2. precisely!..i like reading about my hometown's hidden gems.....i'm an avid follower of Louie..keep on writing about Tagum City,i'm truly proud....

  3. Thank you, Leo Timogan! Mam Marie, thank you. Many more blog post to come. I will keep you posted.