The Blogger

I’m Louie, a 20-year old amateur writer and a shutterbug wannabe armed with self-deprecating humor and idealism on the ups and downs of living in a third world.

I love movies, frappes, burger, pineapple juice and books. I like the smell of newspapers and fountain pens. I love anything that’s in a certain shade of blue. I may appear smart because of the dorky glasses, but I’m really not that bright. I hate Mathematics when I was in high school, because really, what I’m gonna do with all those polynomials and factorization in the real world?

I’m blogging from the Palm City of the Philippines and the Music Capital of Mindanao — Tagum City. I am currently a writer at the City Information Office where I cover events happening in the city and sometimes rub elbows with bigwigs over lunch or dinner. I dream of travelling the Pearl of the Orient and leave footprints along its sands in a span of eight years.

I blog because I am confronted by the world and feel the need to write about it.


  1. I think there are many of us here in our city, maybe we should start consolidating our ranks, this is a gift which many of our city folks should enjoy too. Writing is oftentimes done in our private moments and mostly unnoticed, unlike other forms of gifts, writing is mostly done by low profile individuals. Here are some of my notes about our emerging city of Tagum:

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